The different types of company structures in the USA

In the United States, the most common type of company for small and medium-sized businesses is the Limited Liability Company (LLC). Profits pass through the company directly to the members (the partners of the company) without being subject to corporate income tax. The income is then subject to only personal income tax according to the tax brackets of the respective members. This avoids double taxation and preserves a greater amount of the profits to the benefit of the members.

The advantages of creating an LLC in Florida are:

  • No taxation at the level of the company itself (unless the option is requested);
  • Possibility of choosing the tax status of the company (pass-through or as a corporation);
  • The personal liability of members is limited to their level of equity in the company;
  • Personal assets of members are protected with an LLC in the US;
  • Creditors for personal debt cannot seize assets of an LLC, nor take control of the voting rights of a member;
  • Flexibility in distributing the profits of the company;
  • Unlimited number of members;
  • Flexibility of the organization of the LLC through the freedom of writing of the operating agreement;
  • Simplified business governance because the Operational Agreement does not need to require excessive administrative formalities such as Minutes and Board Meeting, etc.

Creating an LLC in the United States, and specifically in Florida, has many advantages for those who are looking for advantages for their offshore company.

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